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*RSVPs do not represent actual attendance. We average 25-40 people at Discourses (includes in-person & online).



For information about the local gathering in Brussels for I-CODA Satsang with Swami Premodaya, please direct message Aureliano.

These meetings provide the special opportunity to participate in interactive Satsang with Swami Premodaya. Satsang ( is a deeply intimate meeting that provides the rare opportunity to come together for inner exploration and going beyond the self. Seekers of all stages and ages come together, and strangers quickly become friends in the loving atmosphere of Satsang, as we come to experience what lies 'beyond the self' in each one of us.

Swami Premodaya will join us via live interactive videoconferencing, as we gather at the I-CODA Brussels Center in a community of support and sharing, forming a milieu conducive to truth and inner peace. Via real-time interactive video we can see and talk with Swami Premodaya ( directly. The community of Satsang supports and promotes inner exploration, self-knowledge, transformation and true clarity.

Join us at the I-CODA Brussels Center for Swami Premodaya's weekly I-CODA satsang.

For those not in the Brussels area, I-CODA Satsangs are also available via our high-quality, real-time interactive video system and by telephone. (If you are joining remotely for the first time, please click here ( for instructions.) To join our weekly Satsang ( on your computer or mobile device, simply click on this link: To Join by phone, dial [masked] or [masked] and enter meeting number[masked]. (Phone number and meeting number are shown to Meetup members.)

Cost/Registration: FREE (

The timeless tradition of Satsang (spiritual seekers meeting together to explore Truth) is explained in all its dimensions by Swami Premodaya. Even though Satsang is all there is, he points out that getting to the stage of wanting to recognize 'the Ultimate', puts you in the most rare and fortunate position. "So, you're already in good satisfy the hunger for what matters most."