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Level 1, 608 Harris St · Sydney

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Come up to Level 1. You should see a bunch of people in the room or call Atul on 0450973975.

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Are you a passionate teacher who loves to use innovative tools and products in the classroom but gets frustrated by the lack of focus on learning of today's EdTech products?

Here's your chance to change that!

SydEduTech Teacher Tank 2015 is a special Edu-version of the popular TV show, Shark Tank. A room full of K-12 admins and teachers will dish out hard questions and tough love to early-stage edupreneurs who will present their school tools and EdTech business models in the presentations.

At Teacher Tank, YOU, the "teacher shark" can ask pin pointed questions like:

"I don’t care about the algorithms… What problem are you actually trying to solve?"

"Why would I use your product when other products are free? Why would I switch?"

"When you talk about results, who has access to this data?"

No frothy pitches allowed from startups here -- just honest and meaningful dialogue around problem discovery, building and testing hypotheses, and getting the results that matter.

The 4 startups for the evening are as follows:

Assess2Excel - Rochelle Bennett

Vclass - Shoaleh Baktashi

CloudeNotes - Gavin Bernstein

PumpkynHead - Gautham Kasinath

So, come and learn about the next generation EdTech products that are being built in your own backyard and help shape the edtech entrepreneurial process.

What: SydEduTech Teacher Tank 2015
When: 5th May @ 5 PM for a 5:30 PM start
Where: Fishburners - Level 1, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo, 2007
Cost: FREE + Dinner and drinks provided
RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sydedutech-teacher-tank-2015-tickets-16511477273