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We're a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress --- join us! Learn more about WordPress Meetups at https://make.wordpress.org/community/meetups/

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WordPress 台中小聚 #16

Monospace Coworking Space

每月一次的 WordPress 台中週末小聚又回來啦!不管你是想要學習新知,尋求解答,或是認識新朋友,都歡迎你一起來參加,尋找各種可能性! 如果想要知道之前的小聚都在討論什麼,歡迎到台灣小聚紀錄網查看,上面會有該次活動的分享投影片或直播錄影,歡迎你來挖寶。 https://wp-meetups.com/city/taichung/ [English below] -------------------------------------------------------------- 活動日期&時間:2019/10/20 (日) 14:00 ~ 18:00 活動地點:Monospace (台中市西區臺灣大道二段2號16F-2) 活動費用:NTD $100/人 🧭活動流程 1️⃣14:00 ~ 14:10 報到 2️⃣14:10 ~ 14:20 活動簡介 3️⃣14:20 ~ 16:00 🎤主題分享 (邀請中) 4️⃣16:00 ~16:30 ⚡️閃電秀歡迎報名,每人7分鐘分享/3分鐘Q&A 5️⃣16:30~ 自我介紹/交流時間 🙌 歡迎帶著自己的問題或是想要分享的內容來一同交流! -------------------------------------------------------------- 🔵本次場地由 Monospace 以在地社群贊助方案支持 🔵參加者需在入口處繳交 $100 元場地費後進場,現場備有咖啡與沖泡茶品,歡迎自帶水壺響應環保! 🔵場地費用用於支援場地維護和相關支出,主辦人和講者皆不會收取任何費用 🔵為鼓勵主題分享,主題分享者可免交場地費(不含閃電秀講者),報名網址 https://www.surveycake.com/s/MQlva ⚠️備註:場地人數有限,按下出席代表您確定會參與活動,若無法出席請提早修改出席狀態,將席位讓給其他有緣人喔! -------------------------------------------------------------- Once a month, WordPress Taichung meetup is coming! Whether you want to learn something new, find solutions, or meet new friends, welcome to join us and explore the opportunities here! Find out what we have shared and discussed! The contents in slides or video format of the previous meetups are here in the WordPress Taiwan meetups site as the following link: https://wp-meetups.com/city/taichung/ Save the date: 2019/10/20 (Sun.) 14:00 ~ 18:00 Where: Monospace ( 16F-2, No.2 Taiwan Boulevard Section 2, West District, Taichung City, 403, Taiwan ) Entrance Fee: NTD$100/ 1 person Speaking: Mandarin (English is welcome!) 1️⃣14:00 ~ 14:10 Call to order and welcome 2️⃣14:10 ~ 14:20 Brief introduction 3️⃣14:20 ~ 16:00 🎤Topic sharing (Welcome to be a Speaker) 4️⃣16:00 ~16:30 ⚡️Lighting Talk; 7 min for each talk and 3 min QnA (Welcome to be a Lighting Talker) 5️⃣16:30~ Self-introduction/ Idea exchanging 🙌 Join us with your ideas or questions, let’s share and discuss it! 🔵The place is sponsored by Monospace through the local community program. 🔵Participants pay NTD$100 in the reception and come inside the room directly. We provide free coffee and tea. Highly suggest everyone bring own bottle to be environmentally friendly. 🔵The event fee is for the place rental and maintenance, but not be used to pay speakers or organizers. The event hosts and speakers are volunteers. 🔵To encourage the attendees to stand on the stage, the event fee NTD$100 is free for the topic sharing(full length presentation) speaker(not including the lighting talk speakers). Sign up your name to be a speaker in the following link; https://www.surveycake.com/s/MQlva ⚠️Note: Due to the limited seat, if there is any change in your registered attendance, please change your RVSP status that we can give the seat to other people. Special thanks to the venue sponsor: Monospace

WordPress 台中平日小聚 #3

Monospace Coworking Space

WordPress 10月份台中平日小聚來囉!為了落實社群更加貼近大眾,我們嘗試改變時間,讓假日無法來的夥伴,在平日的晚上也可以享受小聚。 新主題「網站OK蹦」! 網站卡關了嗎?何不讓大家一起來解決你的問題? 讓我們知道你的問題,我們將在小聚中帶領大家一起討論,實戰交流解決你的疑難雜症。 另外,我們也推出了「主題聚光燈」,讓大家可以針對特定的主題進行討論,共同凝聚經驗交流。也歡迎各位夥伴,留言提供你們想了解的議題,讓大家一起提供經驗討論唷! 歡迎你/妳一同前來參與小聚,聊聊 WordPress~ 還在等什麼?趕快移動你的手指報名去吧! -------------------------------------------------------------- 活動日期&時間:2019/10/29 (二) 19:00 ~ 22:00 活動地點:Monospace (台中市西區臺灣大道二段2號16F-2) 活動費用:NTD $100/人 🧭活動流程 1️⃣19:00 ~ 19:10 報到 2️⃣19:10 ~ 19:20 活動簡介 3️⃣19:20 ~ 20:00 🎤主題聚光燈:(留言徵選中) 4️⃣20:00 ~ 20:40 🎤主題聚光燈:(留言徵選中) 5️⃣20:40 ~21:30 ⚡️「網站OK蹦」 6⃣️21:30~ 自我介紹/交流時間 🙌 歡迎帶著自己的問題或是想要分享的內容來一同交流! -------------------------------------------------------------- 🔵本次場地由 Monospace 以在地社群贊助方案支持 🔵參加者需在入口處繳交 $100 元場地費後進場,現場備有咖啡與沖泡茶品,歡迎自帶水壺響應環保! ⚠️備註:場地人數有限,按下出席代表您確定會參與活動,若無法出席請提早修改出席狀態,將席位讓給其他有緣人喔!

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WordPress 台中平日小聚 #2

Monospace Coworking Space

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