A Kaiseki-style Shojin Meal and Temple Visit

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東京都目黒区下目黒3丁目20ー11 · Tokyo

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English explanation is below.
目黒 天恩山 羅漢寺の敷地内にあるらかん亭にて、懐石スタイルの精進料理を頂きます。素材を知り尽くした料理長の、技と心の込もった美しいお料理を楽しみましょう。料理長からは、献立についての解説もあります。料理方法等の質問にも答えて頂けますよ❗

Two of Tokyo's best-kept secrets at Ten'on-zan Temple in Meguro, better known at the Temple of the 500 Rakan Statues.

In the restaurant on the temple grounds, enjoy a delicious vegetarian shojin meal, served kaiseki style . Following the meal, meet the chef and have a chance to ask questions of dishes. Afterwards, explore the hundreds of Buddhist statues on display in the temple, each unique and expressive.

And if you like the food and want to learn more about how to prepare it, sign up for the June 24th cooking class taught by the chef himself, and facilitated by a nutritionist.


Reservations by email
Please include your full name and contact email.
The application deadline is june 5th.

The fee is ¥6,000, which includes the meal, a drink, and admission fee to the temple.

Payment must be made in advance by bank transfer.

To make payment, first send me an email with your full name. I will then send you the bank information so you can make the transfer.

If I can't confirm the receipt of payment by June 5, your reservation will be cancelled.

For cancellation, please inform the organizer by email before june 5th.

For strong allergy issues, please inform the organizer soon after registration.

This event will only take place when there are three or more participants.


Guest Chef: Tadayoshi Fujiki
Since 1996, Fujiki-sensei has been the head chef at Rakan-tei, the restaurant located on the grounds of the temple of the 500 Buddhist statues in Meguro. He has been preparing and developing his own special style of shojin cuisine over that period. In addition to that, he has designed first class menus for ANA.


Organizer: Midori Omori
An administrative nutritionist, fermented food and miso researcher, sommelier, and miso making teacher.