📢 From Big Data to Fast Data : Get to Real Time processing with Akka !

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How does Paypal deliver a 1 billion daily transactions daily on 8 JVMs ?
How can CapitalOne decide on a loan under a second on his website ?

This meetup will introduce Akka, a reactive library based on the Actor Model and developed by Lightbend Inc. We will introduce the concept of actor model, see how communication is done and what power it can deliver when asynchronous communications are fully embraced.
We'll conclude with a live coding session of a lottery with some of the participants.

This Talk will be delivered by Ismail Hrimech, Tech Lead on Reactive Architectures at Mind7 Consulting.

We will share drinks and snacks at the beginning of the session.

Want to get a head start ? here is the Akka whitepaper :
English : https://www.lightbend.com/blog/how-akka-works-akka-a-to-z-illustrated-white-paper
French : https://www.mind7.fr/fr/livre-blanc-akka/