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If you're an English-speaking parent in Versailles or Versailles Grand Parc Community, and you fancy meeting up for a chat, then please come along to one of our MeetUps. Sometimes we meet for coffee, sometimes we organize picnics at the castle's gardens.

The children range from newborns to age 4, (roughly), and the mums are from all over: British, French, American, Australian, New Zealanders, Canadian.

This is an all-volunteer group, and events can be proposed by mamas (or papas) just like you - so please propose an event that you'd like to see - most of the regular events you'll see here got started that way! (English in the Park, Mama-Bebe Yoga) Working parents? Weekend events are often a big hit! Try something in your neighborhood, often there are more members there than you'd suspect. Older kids? You'll see comments from members wishing for more events for above-3s.

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