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Jersey City Writers is a community of dedicated scribes who seek to develop and explore their craft by interacting with other writers. We inspire and support each other to be the best writers we can be in a fun and open social setting.

All genres are welcome. We encourage you to finish your play, your novel or your short story. Stop by and bond with other writers who understand the complicated, yet satisfying process of creating something from nothing.

If you are a local writer seeking inspiration, support and accountability…come join us!

Don't forget to check us out at http://jerseycitywriters.org/

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NO EXCUSES: Revise Your Novel!

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Congratulations! You've finished the first draft of your novel. Now it’s time to revise. Don't know where to begin? Or maybe you're just a hopeless procrastinator. Either way, come to JCW's Revision Workshop, where you'll get: pointers on how to approach the revision process, one-on-one brainstorming sessions with writers who know how to revise, and best of all, a dedicated time and space to revise your novel. $30* / LIMITED SEATING, reserve your spot ASAP. Please bring your laptop and/or a print out of your novel. Coffee and carbs will be provided. The JCW Revision Team: Kevin Singer’s fiction has appeared in the literary magazines Rind, Trysts of Fate, and Danse Macabre, and the anthologies Young Adventurers, Playthings of the Gods, Realities Perceived, and Worlds Unimagined. He’s also the author of the supernatural thriller The Last Conquistador. Kay Dominguez’s first reading love was YA fantasy and YA is also her first and greatest writing love though she dabbles in other categories. Revisions and rewrites make up about 90% of her writing process; first drafts mean nothing. She was born in NYC, spent most of her life in NJ and somehow ended up in PA. Mary Fan is a Jersey City-based YA and sci-fi/fantasy author. Her most recent release, the YA steampunk fantasy Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon (Page Street Publishing, 2019), was a product of the Jersey City Writers' Full Story workshop. Her other books include Starswept (YA sci-fi) and the Jane Colt Trilogy (sci-fi). Sara Stone is an avid writer, but more than that she is an advocate for the beneficial effects of writing, both emotionally and intellectually. She is the recipient of a bachelor of arts in English from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and a master of arts degree in English from City College, of the City University of New York. *AndCo members are free. Reach out to Kevin Singer at [masked] for more information.

Jersey Plums: A Poetry Workshop

Gia Gelato & Cafe

Calling all poets! This workshop will start by critiquing two poems, one by each person signed up ahead of time. Please note if you have never attended our poetry workshop before, you must attend a workshop at least once before you can be on the schedule. The workshop will end, if time permits, with one 10-15 minute writing prompt (an idea to incorporate into a poem written on the spot). Poets who sign up to be workshopped must email David the poem by 10am Friday so she can print copies for the group. To sign up for a workshop in advance, please contact David at [masked] . While critiquing poems, we will “mind our P’s and Q’s” by Praising first what works in a poem, and then Questioning what might be improved. This helps to keep the feedback positive and constructive. If you are new to critiquing poetry, please see these guidelines: http://triadwriters.org/inspiration/guidelines-critique-of-poem/



Our philosophy is that facts can be as compelling as fiction. We are a warm, enthusiastic and supportive group, dedicated to helping each other become the best writers we can be. Two members have completed book length memoirs, getting feedback on Nonfiction Mondays, one chapter at a time. We welcome a wide range of nonfiction including essays, memoir, blog posts, articles. At each workshop, you will have the opportunity to pick a date to submit your work for review and feedback.

Special Summer Tuesdays: Fiction Mixer

Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden

Salute the summer's end with the Tuesday night Jersey City Writers members! We're meeting at the Zeppelin Hall biergarten to mix, mingle, and talk about what we're writing. Come to chat about what you're working on, and if you're not writing anything all the better! Come for inspiration! We'll talk characters, plots, settings, descriptions, forms, and genres of both the work we write and the work that inspires us.

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Writers Workshop w/ Jim

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