Jersey Plums: Polishing Your Poems for Publication with Sarah Jewell

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This week our craft workshop will focus on taking your polished poems and submitting them for publication.

What are tools you can use to identify potential homes for your work? What questions should you ask yourself before submitting poems to a journal or anthology? Do you have to pay submission fees to submit your work, and when is it worth it? How do you track your poems as you send them out?

While this workshop is designed to help beginners in submitting their work, more experienced submitters are encouraged to share their experiences with the group, as we can all learn from each other. There will also be at least one writing exercise during the workshop, aimed to help you generate new material.

Note: this workshop will limited to 12 participants who RSVP ahead of time. Each participant will be invited to bring 3 poems in hard copy (no more than 6 pages long) that they consider finished and ready to submit. Sarah Jewell, author of How to Break Your Own Heart, and Sara Patton Poetry Prize recipient, will review these poems and make personalized recommendations about journals to submit to, which will be emailed to the participants (within a month after the workshop, by Oct 15). Please understand publication is not guaranteed, but she is excited to push poets on the road to publication.