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Brunchez avec nous! Rencontrer la communauté et apprendre un peu plus sur la MO

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Come and enjoy a Sunday Brunch with us! Being orgasmic people, we LOVE FOOD. Especially good food. And to make it even better, at this event, we combine good food with turned on community.

Come alone or with others, meet people who practice Orgasmic Meditation, bring your questions, and make some new open-minded friends.

Whether you are already a practitioner (bring a friend!), or would like to get a closer look at what orgasmic meditation is, without having to commit yourself to practicing it, we’d be happy to connect with you at this public event. The only pre-requisite is the desire to let yourself - for the duration of some communication games - in an open state to share a moment of vulnerability.

We're a lively bunch (you can imagine!), so expect playful conversation and an energizing day.
This event is alcohol-free. We prefer to be sober so we can feel more and connect with clarity.