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If you're a woman in Uppsala who'd like to try programming, or meet like minded women who are ready to help others and happy to share knowledge - join us!

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Programming for data science workshop, beginners welcome!

Let's talk data science! In this workshop I will introduce you to python for machine learning. What do we do with a new set of data? How do you fit your data into the model? For that we will use Kaggle a platform online dedicated to data challenges. To be ready for the workshop simply register on Kaggle: https://www.kaggle.com/ (you just need an email). If you do not want to open an account on Kaggle, then you will need to have jupyter python notebook installed with Pandas, numpy, sklearn, matplotlib on your computer. Wether you are a confirmed data scientist who wants to help juniors or you are just curious about these technologies, feel welcome! Note: The door is locked at capsule so make sure to take your mobile phone. There will be a number to call. Marie.

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Programming in a new coffee place :). Beginners welcome!

Café Jorden är blå som en apelsin

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