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If you're a woman in Uppsala who'd like to try programming, or meet like minded women who are ready to help others and happy to share knowledge - join us!

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Vi lär känna varandra! Meet & greet lunch meetup IRL

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Hej! 👋🏼

We'll have a meet & greet lunch IRL 👏🏼

Do you want to show or tell something?

  • This is me
  • This is what I dream about
  • This is a hobby project I'm building
  • I like this or that
  • Etc.

It's a great opportunity to also talk about which meetups do we want to host together in this group.
Bring an idea that you want us to explore during the fall or winter, and let's make it happen together 🪄

It's also a great opportunity to get to know more like minded people that you can continue 1on1 talks with after the meetup.

🍝🥑 When it comes to food, there is a kitchen @ Capsule where you can heat up food, etc. We are also close to Holy Greens, LoCo, Oh Poké and other resturants and stores to grab a lunch with you.


Svenska ⬇️

Om vi ska vara ett meningsfullt nätverk för varandra långsiktigt så får vi ta och lära känna varandra. Vi ses på en lunch IRL 👏🏼

Du som vill kan visa eller berätta något. Vad finns det att berätta?

  • Det här är jag
  • Det här drömmer jag om
  • Jag har ett hobby projekt...
  • Jag kodar i...
  • Jag gillar...

Det här är en fantastisk möjlighet att också prata om vilka meetups som vi vill se framöver i denna grupp.
Ta med dig minst en idé på vad du skulle vilja att vi utforskar under hösten och vintern så får vi det att hända tillsammans 🪄

Fortsätta gärna dialog 1on1 efter denna lunchträff med de personer du känner att du gärna vill prata mer med.

🍝🥑 När det kommer till mat så finns det ett kök @ Capsule där en kan värma mat, etc. Nära finns också Holy Greens, LoCo, Oh Poké och andra resturanger om en vill ta med sig lunch i farten.

Talk tech meetup @ Consid

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Consid has invited us at Uppsala Women Coding for a meetup at their offices.
There will be food, drinks and interesting talks about tech. And a chance to get to know some new people and more femme-devs in your network.


  • 17.30 - Mingle, dinner and Consid talks about who they are and what they do
  • 18.00 - Lets split up in to smaller groups and talk about tech together 👩🏻‍💻
  • 19.30 Meetup ends, please stay and mingle, network and have a drink together with us. It’s always nice getting to know more developers and make some new friends, talking about ideas and solutions 🤓

Talk tech: This is a new way of trying to get to know each other, explore what we all have been up to, how did we get in to tech. There is going to be a couple of prepared questions that the groups can go on.
And hopefully by the end of the evening everyone feel that they do know pretty much about tech, feel competent and strengthen 💪🏾

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