Programming in a new coffee place :). Beginners welcome!

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Would you like to learn about coding and test a freshly opened coffee place at the same time?

Uppsala Women Coding will take place in a new coffee:
"Café Jorden är blå som en apelsin"
All day they serve some original exotic breakfast, arabian coffee and many other tasty things. They have plugs, wifi and a charming creative atmosphere.

I (Marie) am going to sit there, my favourite programming languages are python which I use for data science purpose

Any programming language is welcome, and if you are a beginner, feel free to come and join and pair with someone. Challenges are better solved together :).
If you are advanced feel welcome to join and talk about your experience!

See you on Sunday!
Obs: The coffee is a little bit out from the city center but easy access by 5 min bike along the river. It is very new (opened four months ago!) so make sure to write down the address: Kungsängsesplanaden 2A, Uppsala.