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我是组织者缓缓。先介绍一下我自己。我喜欢葡萄酒许多年了,2年前下定决心来法国学酒,从为期一年的巴黎蓝带葡萄酒课程毕业。之后在伦敦参加了WSET 3级课程并以优异成绩通过考试。今年8月即将开始4级的课程,继续我的葡萄酒之路。在过去两年里,我深度拜访了许多法国酒区,例如阿尔萨斯,勃艮第,卢瓦河,香槟,波尔多,干邑, 北隆河谷,南隆河谷,普罗旺斯, 西南产区等等。

葡萄酒是如何酿造的?如何品酒?法国有那些主要产区,他们的酒有什么特点?什么是BIO 酒?葡萄酒如何配餐,尤其是如何配中餐?—— 学酒之路实在是乐趣无穷。但我边学边发现其实在法的许多中国朋友们对葡萄酒文化非常感兴趣,却不常有机会系统的学习。法国的品酒活动非常多,但却很少有机构能够基于我们对葡萄酒的普遍了解程度和兴趣点施教。在加上葡萄酒术语,产区复杂,一般的朋友想好好了解还真不容易。 所以我建了这个群,希望能用中文把我所学的葡萄酒知识和大家一起分享!

- 课程设置逐一介绍法国主要产区为主,中间会穿插葡萄酒酿造过程,搭配食物,葡萄酒文化等等话题。
- 每次课程品2只酒 (特殊安排除外)。每次课程发出时,我会提供简单的课程计划,好让大家对本次课程内容 有大致了解,按兴趣参加。
- 每次课程大约1.5小时。
- 为保证课程质量,每堂课上限6-8位同学。
- 中文授课。有特殊要求的可以提供中英双语。
- 每节课每人15欧元左右, 根据每次课的主题和选酒会略有差异。


Hello, My name is Huan. I have been a wine lover for years, and came to Paris to study wine 2 years ago. I graduated from the full time wine program in Le Cordon Bleu Paris and I am a WSET level 3 holder. Ever since I moved to France, I have visited as many wine regions as I could, to name a few, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cognac, Champagne, Loire, North and South Rhone Valley, Provence, Alsace, South West region of France… and this list will continue to grow:) How is wine made? How to taste wine? What are the key appellations in France and their characters? What is Bio wine? How to pair food, especially Chinese food with wine? ... So much fun in learning wine! However, I didn’t find many good wine courses taught in Chinese in Paris, so I set up this group to share my passion in wine, make new friends, and especially help my fellow Chinese boys and girls to better understand wine. How it works:
- Topics will be around the major wine regions in France, including content about wine making process, food paring, wine cultures etc..
- Usually 2 wines for tasting and comparison for each sessions (except for special occasions). A general syllabus will be released with each meet-up, so you can have a rough idea of what to be expected.
- Roughly 1.5 hours for each session
- Class size under 6-8 persons to guarantee the quality of tasting
- Language in Chinese, or Chinese and English bilingual based on special request
- around 15 euros per person for each session, depending on the theme and the cost of the selected wines.

For questions, please contact me directly. Look forward to seeing you in class!

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