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About one out of three of the top ten million sites are using WordPress, according to Alexa rankings and W3Techs. With that many sites on WordPress, it's likely that it will be considered at some point when deciding to create a new site. You may already be using it on your own site or business site. Either way, even if you ultimately don't use WordPress, this group is for you!


Learn & discuss everything to do with WordPress, including plugin and theme selection, development, design, marketing, blogging, SEO, business, management, security, and more. We couldn't create a comprehensive list of the topics that we cover, as we try to expand with each Meetup and answer the questions posted by our attendees.

This meetup is all about WordPress, from beginning blogger through to hardcore coder. If you need a WordPress user group or need to find a WordPress web designer in Orlando this group is for you.

Connect with other WordPress users and web developers.

The WordPress Orlando Meetup will focus on using WordPress for blogging, business, marketing, or other informational and personal use.

Our Goal:

- To learn from each other and to share knowledge freely.

- To create a welcoming environment for everyone - all who are willing to learn and respect those around them. WordPress Orlando believes our community should be truly open for everyone.

As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language, or text editor.

Our Commitment to Members:
This group will meet when we say we will meet, and strive to provide value packed information and a great experience to all that join our group. We take all suggestions under advisement, and strive to fit our Meetup tot he needs of our attendees.

Have ideas? Share Them!

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You Are Your Brand: Use Branding to Create a Standout Website

In this fun and interactive talk from Robyn Sayles of Launching Your Success, you'll learn why it's important to have a strong personal brand. You'll also learn how to articulate your brand and where to incorporate branding into your website. You'll leave the event with a whole new way to talk about who you are and how you add value! About the Speaker -------------------------- Robyn Sayles is the CEO and Founder of Launching Your Success. For more than 16 years, she worked in corporate training and sales for big ol' corporations. Now, she helps ambitious folks launch the success of their companies, teams, and content using the power of a personal brand. Robyn also shares her knowledge of personal brands with audiences at conferences, seminars, and private corporate events across the US. As an improv veteran and former corporate trainer, Robyn knows how to win over an audience and deliver groundbreaking ideas—without breaking a sweat.

Coffee and WordPress at Bikes Beans & Bordeaux

Bikes Beans & Bordeaux

• What we'll do At our coffee meetups we discuss projects that we're working on, ask questions of one another about any difficulties that we may be having, or simply catch up. This is a low pressure environment, and we're all here to share with one another. • What to bring If you are coming specifically for WordPress help: - Bring your charged laptop with you - Bring whatever logins needed to get into your site - Be ready to take notes - Be respectful of the time of everyone else attending - Be willing to accept that some problems can't be solved in 15 minutes and may require more help than we can offer here - Buy a drink or snack from Bikes Beans & Bordeaux. They let us use the space for free! • Important to know We use the same Code of Conduct for our Meetup that we use for WordCamp Orlando, and it can be found here: https://2019.orlando.wordcamp.org/code-of-conduct/ Please be kind and courteous to all attendees and employees!

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Coffee and WordPress at Bikes Beans & Bordeaux

Bikes Beans & Bordeaux

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