An Introduction to the Happiness Program (Breath and Meditation Workshop)

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189 Brunswick Street · Jersey City, NJ

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Studio M. Intersection of 7th Street and Brunswick. Nearest PATH station is Grove St.


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We all want happiness but how do we get there?

Come find out how in a fun-filled, interactive and informative session. Within us lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered. Through the Happiness Program this potential is set free and we gain a greater vision of who we are. The main technique on the Happiness Program is called Sudarshan Kriya®, a research-backed breathing technique that has helped millions of people release stress, experience deep meditation, and get back in touch with their true self. On the introductory session, you’ll get a taste of yogic breathing exercises and their benefits.

Introductory sessions include a mix of:
Guided relaxation through the breath
Light yoga & stretching
Insights into the nature of mind
Guided meditation
Question & answer session

These sessions happen regularly in nearly 200 locations across the country. You can drop in anytime and experience the power of the breath for yourself.

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