Good Friday Special • Workshop: Become a market maker on BarterDEX

Blockbar | Blockchain Lab Den Haag
Blockbar | Blockchain Lab Den Haag
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The Hague Tech

Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10 · La Haye

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5 minutes walk from The Hague Central Station. Search for "The Hague Tech" on Maps to easily find the (corner) entrance.

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BarterDEX is a new, decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. You can offer liquidity and in exchange earn some money. In this workshop you'll become a Liquidity Provider using BarterDEX.


Join us for a workshop to get started with BarterDEX, the liquidity provider of Komodo Platform (KMD). In this workshop, you will learn to set up your own liquidity provider and become your own market maker. You will learn how to trade using atomic swaps on the decentralized exchange BarterDEX running from your very own Raspberry Pi.

Built by Komodo, the world-leader in atomic swap technology, BarterDEX offers a decentralized tool (dApp) that allows anyone to make a coin conversion request of bitcoin- and Ethereum based tokens, finding a suitable match and complete the trade using an atomic cross-chain protocol. An atomic swap is a peer-to-peer trade of one cryptocurrency directly for another, without any direct IP contact between the two nodes or the use of an intermediary party.

Curious how the future of instant wallet-to-wallet trading will be? Come and build (the future)!

The workshop can be joined for free and will be run by bartwr, barv & diesmaster, open source enthusiasts and decentralized blockchain experts. Sign up to secure your spot.

We'll live stream the event on !

You can find a podcast on the event through our broadcasting partner

This workshop is hosted by Blockbar (Blockchain Lab The Hague) and an example for future events sponsored by Komodo Pioneers.

Be your own market maker!


It is recommended that you have some knowledge of cryptocurrency wallets and transactions. You don’t have to be a developer.


Obviously you need a Raspberry Pi if you want to run BarterDEX on it.

If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi, it is fun if you buy one (Pi 3). You can get them for less than 50 Euros. Find places to buy the RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B+: Be sure to also bring an accompanying SD card (16 Gb).

You can also just bring your laptop and we’ll go from there.


The Komodo project focuses on empowering users with freedom through blockchain technology. One of their powerful technologies is a new method of trading cryptocurrencies directly from one person to another through decentralized exchanges. BarterDEX, has been used to perform more than 80,000 Atomic Swaps by real-world users.


Learn more about this workshop:

> A liquidity provider (LP) is a trading party that acts as a market maker buying and selling assets. They provide liquidity to the exchange, and make their profit from the spread between bid and ask orders. LP's bring price stability and make easier for traders to execute trades.

Download BarterDEX:

BarterDEX documentation:

Getting Started with BarterDEX:

BarterDEX is in beta and in heavy development. Be an early adopter :-)


Blockbar is located at The Hague Tech, a tech community in The Hague, reach it in 5 minutes (by foot) from Central Station. This workshop will be in the workshop space on the 3rd floor.


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