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Scientific Racism - Bagdad Theater, Oct 8

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A biologist and a sociologist explore scientists' longstanding misrepresentations of "race" and racial differences, and how contemporary science could help combat inequality.

An anti-racism workshop facilitator as well as a teacher and scholar, Emily Drew is an Associate Professor of Biology at Willamette University whose most recent research has focused on the gentrification of Northeast Portland and on how US immigration policy has affected families in the Pacific Northwest. Chris Smith, Assistant Professor of Biology at Willamette and an Associate Editor of The Journal of Heredity, studies applications of genetics and genomic tools to questions in evolution and ecology.

OMSI Science Pubs requests a $5.00 donation. Addressing a hot-button issue from both natural- and social-science perspectives, this could draw an especially large audience, so you may want to arrive well in advance of the program.