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CO-Action Series: Define your own project strategy with Ben
Every Sat 12:30pm session initiated by cohappener, Benjamin Lupo. Clarify your action plans & priorities, presenting tools so you can define better your project strategy. These sessions aim to clarify your priorities, presenting you with different tools so you can decide freely what fits. With Benjamin's structural mind that directs and organizes everything, he extracts complex & scattered ideas into concrete planning for projects. All problems you may encounter during development process are indeed opportunity to change, adapt and evolve your project requirements. Ben is an active contributor to the community since Sept, 2017. When: Every Sat 12:30pm Pack your lunch if you wish :) Format: Presentation & Discussion Requirement: All participants have to share about their projects and help each other to solve problems. ***All participants have to submit their projects. Priority goes to those who have already attended our main event (every 1st Weds of each month - see Selected projects will be invited to join us to "make it happen"! It is a peer-to-peer to session such that all participants are expected to proactively support each other - no matter at what level. Passive note-takers wont' be welcome :P 1. Join our facebook group & request for a spot 2. We will send you a list of questions. 3. You answer questions via video 4. We will notify you asap when a spot is opened. WHAT IS CO-ACTION? CO-Action are community generated sessions for us to take real-life action. We are all in together to "make it happen"! So let's use our unique mind, exchange, share and find synergies beyond our imagination alone. Please note that all sessions are give-what-you-get basis.

Exact address with be sent after project submission

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À propos de ce groupe

✰We're calling all dreamers and crazy ones that believe in making things real. Your Creative Collaborative Playground To Make It Happen!!

Okay, hang on. Make "what" happen?!
Well, whatever is your project that require tangible results. Indeed, our mission is to offer you an evolving space to join forces as diverse people with different skills, industry and passion. As a collective of dreamers & do-ers, our common goal is to achieve our individual projects together.

How do we do it? ------>
All is done through our monthly main events (PowWow) and community generated working sessions (CO-Action). They provide opportunity for creative exchange with potential collaborators who are committed to tangible results like you.

Are you ready to CoHappen? ----->
If you can identify yourself as a self-starter who believe in staying true to your own personal vision, and have the fire to enter into arena of possibility, yes, you are!

✰We PLAY in order to WORK session(s) !!!

CO-Happening is an evolving innovation space dedicated for self-starters. It is a mindful place where old and new ideas are tested, synergies are built, new processes are found, resources are shared, and new skills are learned.

✶ Collaboration & Exploring Synergies (exchange projects & challenge mindsets to create win-win contexts)

✶ Vision & Developing Projects (clarify vision, options & plan; identifying real problems to make a shift)

✶ Experimentation & Creativity (boost creative juice via brainstorming, role-playing & storytelling etc)

✶ Social Impacts & Acquiring Foresight (know concretely our own unique value as a project lead, explore foresight, bring forth social impacts)

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My name is Carrie, initiator of CO-Happening! :) I started this meetup group one summer night in 2017, with an impulse that I woke up to. The impulse to call like-minded collaborators to explore alternatives of what is "invisible to the eyes".

Note* as an open source community, the main Weds event is on "pay-what-you-experience" basis + consumption at the cafe or bar :) However, "set fees" or "members only" may apply for workshops and themed topics. Resources given would go into organizing better contents and initiatives for the community.

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