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The Shanghaied Dragons are a group of recreational paddlers promoting the traditional Chinese sport of dragonboating in Shanghai. We are the only amateur dragonboat club in Shanghai and welcome new-comers and paddlers of any background.

Our members are drawn from more than 15 countries: USA, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, Japan , China, etc. In our team there are managers, teachers, translators, mechanics, and foreign students, whose ages are from 20 to 60 years old.

Événements à venir (5+)

Pool Paddling Practice

Kenipo Natatorium Spa

89 JPY

Shanghaied Dragons Winter Pool Paddling Practice Jingan Gardens, 1131 Wuding Road Pool Fee: 89RMB RVSP till Tuesday 14:00, later directly by wechat with Lutz Details: * Warm up starts at 19:15, pool paddling practice starts at 19:30. * Wear your usual dragon boat get up for this activity, you may go barefoot or use your slippers or seat pads * Bring drinking sufficient water * Bring your own paddle. We have secured paddles for those who have confirmed they can’t bring one. * Pay the 89 RMB fee at the counter when you arrive, go to the lockers to get changed, then off to the pool. (The fee includes using the pool, locker and changing rooms, bathroom, sauna, steam room and other facilities) * At the request of the pool owners, please wash your paddle before paddling in the pool. * A single lane on the side of the pool has been reserved for our use, so as not to disturb other pool users/swimmers; a minimum of 8 paddlers are required for the activity to push through, and maximum of 15. * If you decide to swim in the pool, bathing suits and swim caps are required; usual pool policies apply; pool closes 10pm

Shanghai, Suzhou Creek Race

Lieu visible par les membres

Suzhou creek race Our hometown race and we have an obligation to go 😉 Requirements: - 10 practices in 2019 (min. 6 on the water) - pass the fitness test in less than 3:15 and do the ergo tests - test result and performance on the ergo machine will be considered - commit to join min 5 boat practices from April 20-May 26 Registration Fee: 500 RMB, which can be used for the 5 mandatory boat trainings after April 20 till the race. It will be refunded in case you cancel before April 14 or your application will be declined e.g. due to missing training attendance. Once you transferred your registration fee your status will be shown: 500 - registration paid 8/4 - 8 practices in 2019/4 on water FT - fitness test passed, ergo results available In case at April 14 we have more than 16 paddlers fulfilling all requirements the best performance will be chosen, incl. the ones on the waiting list who paid the 500 RMB. Drummer and Steer of the race: in case you drum or steer in the preparation time, we return 100 RMB back for full drum/steering in the practices. Suzhou creek race is THE race to show off as Shanghaied Dragons and get known locally - its the race to kick ass! So come and let's do it!

Dragonboat Endurance Training

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

100 JPY

This is the training only for active and experienced paddlers, who are able to paddle 90 mins without pause. Newbies and all others are welcome to join our Sunday's training. @8:15am ready at training site for warm up @8:30am - 10:15am training on the boat Time does not wait for us, so we cannot wait for you Sign up Please note that it is required to agree to the terms and conditions of our Activity Agreement and Waiver of Liability as well as Medical Statement, which you may find here (http://www.meetup.com/dragonboatsh-org/about/). Fee Training fee of 100 RMB if pre-paid (not refundable, not transferable) before Friday 2pm, after please contact Lutz by wechat directly and pay 130 RMB. The fee is including renting boat, paddles and life jackets. Wear Everything you wear on the boat will get wet! Wear comfortable, loose fitting top (maybe a windbreaker jacket if it’s cold), shorts or long pants, water shoes or sandals. If you have gloves (like weight lifting gloves) that can get wet bring them – they help prevent blisters. Bring a large towel to dry off with and a small one to sit on. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses & hat. Water & Snacks Recommend take water, energy bar or snacks with you in case you will be hungry after training. There is no mini market at this training center. Toilet & Shower Toilet and a shower is available. However do bring fresh clothes for change after training. We have a 36h cancellation policy, after no refund and no transfer to another person or other training If we are unable to reach the minimum of 6 paddlers, we might cancel the activity or training.

Ergo-machine Training

329 Jinyan Rd

25 JPY

Ergo-training of Shanghaied Dragons. Jump on the Dragonboat-Ergos and improve your endurance and power. Details: @14:15 Warm up @14:25 Ergo-Training @15:15 move to the boat site Time does not wait for us, so we cannot wait for you either. Wear Sport shoes We will do some individuals as well team competitions at the ergo session. The boat training focuses on technique. Registration & Cancellation Registration in meetup closes at Saturday at 8:15 am, after please contact Lutz by wechat and check if there are still spots available. Fee is 25 RMB paid thru yeyu Before Saturday 8:15 you can fully cancel; after there is no refund and no transfer to another person or other training Your seat is only finally confirmed after payment and invitation to the related wechat group!

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Technique training on the boat

69 Jinyan Rd

100 JPY

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