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Welcome to New and Not So New, Dublin's largest and most active meetup group!


Congratulations! Today is your day! You are off to New and Not So New, Dublin's largest and most active meetup group. We are a very International group of people from Ireland and around the world who are working or studying in Dublin .

This  group is  for people who are new in town as well as those who have already spent part or some of their life in Dublin.  The events regularly organized suit everybody, regardless of age, profession, nationality, religion, and status! So, what are you waiting for? Get on your way and join New and Not So New today!

Meeting new people with New and Not So New is very easy. The purpose of our events is meeting with new people and making new friends. At each event you will find one or more organizers/event hosts who will welcome and introduce you to other members of the group.

Our calendar features a variety of weekly events suiting everybody! Our events include parties, dining out, coffee & chat, weekends away, outdoor pursuits, live gigs, and all the things you've always wanted to do but never dared to! For more events, check out our calendar, which schedules an average of 3-6 events per week!

Of course, if you have any question, feel free to call Jeff 087 2422912  and don't forget to like our Facebook page for exclusive events!

--- Need your help! ---

Dear friends,

We launched a fundraiser on Liberapay to support this group and we would like to count on your generosity. A donation of just a penny a week can make a big difference. Remember, every little bit counts and together we can achieve big things. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support!

  • Every cent counts to make this initiative grow.
  • The more donors, the more attention we get.
  • A donation of €2 is enough to make things happen!
  • Together, we can achieve the extraordinary!


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