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This Meetup group is designed for expats in Paris who look for practising and improving French 🇫🇷 through fun and easygoing learning activities with other open-minded and intrepid expats.

Currently, you can attend 3 types of French Expériences :

• 🎤 “Singing in French / Chanter en français”. Unleash your voice on French songs! If you like singing - and even if you are not (yet) a good singer! - come and learn songs that French people can’t help but sing along to, through a gradual and innovative method that combines acting, vocal and state-of-the art foreign language teaching techniques. Our “Choristes” love it already !

• 🇫🇷🤓 “Novexpat Workshops”. A series of free workshops led by a passionate Parisian French teacher from the Novexpat's Team to empower French learners thanks to great learning tips and advice to keep you right on track and breaking through your French fluency plateau.

• 👟 “AFrenchWalk : Walk & Talk French in Paris”. Walking is proven to help foreign languages learning. Join other “FrenchWalkers” for an inspiring walking tour to practise French through some of the most unexpected passageways and gardens located in the very centre of Paris. You will uncover new places, some anecdotes and stories as well as new French words and idioms.

We'll keep designing new experiences to give you as many opportunities to practise French in good company! So make sure to keep an eye on the Meetup group page!

French Expériences community is eager to meet you soon !

Fabienne & PY, hosts

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How to start learning French

EXKi Italiens

📎WHAT IS IT ABOUT? You have decided to become able to communicate in French in any daily-life situations. You're motivated and committed to start learning French either by yourself, in a French school or with a private tutor. Well done! 👏👌 There's no better time than now to start strategizing about how you can efficiently and rapidly reach your goal. During this workshop, I will help you to get off on the right foot with practical tips and personalized guidance to accelerate your learning. 🚀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙋WHO AM I ? I am Fabienne, an experienced ~30 yo French teacher for expatriates in Paris area and co-founder at novexpat. I graduated from a master in linguistics and educational sciences. I have been teaching to adults and children for about 9 years in India, Italy, Spain and Paris. l am fond of pedagogy and always happy to share my knowledge with French learners! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎯 WHO IS THIS FOR? This workshop is designed for English speaking expatriates with beginner or false beginner levels. If you have any doubt about whether you should attend or not, send me a pm via Meetup! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 📌 USEFUL INFORMATION • Participation to costs: Free. You might be required to go for a coffee or a tea to stay at out meeting place. • Duration: 1h15. We will start on time due to the intense programme! • Group size: We will be a max of 6 French learners. • Language: mainly in English with some French! 😉 • Question: Please don't forget to answer the question to be able to attend the workshop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙀 I HAVE TO CANCEL! WHAT SHOULD I DO? Don't worry : cancelling can happen. But please🙏🙏🙏, send me a short notice prior the meeting!! If I am expecting you and that you do not show up, I worry so much about something bad could have happened to you! 😨 So, please, let me know!🙏 ⚠️ Preparing a meetup takes a lot of time and efforts even when it is free! It's also limited to a small group of motivated and respectful attendees. As a consequence, if you do not show up without prior notice, you will be automatically removed to the attendees list to any of our future meetups. Thank you for your understanding. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 💡ANY FURTHER QUESTION OR IDEAS ? If so, feel free to ask and suggest (in French of course, if you want to practise already 😉 ) ! I will be very happy to help and hear from you! À mercredi ! Fabienne.

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