Building a cyber threat intelligence knowledge management system

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⚛️ Building a cyber threat intelligence knowledge management system using Grakn

Knowledge of cyber threats is a key focus in many areas of cybersecurity. Adapting intrusion detection systems, building relevant red team scenarios, guiding incident response activities, providing a more effective risk assessment through better knowledge of threat agents: all of these require a deep understanding of the issues related to the relevant cyber threats and its associated human and technical elements. During this talk, we will describe how we are using the hyper-relational data model, the logical inferences and the core features of Grakn to build an application (openCTI) allowing organizations to manage their cyber threat intelligence knowledge and technical observables. We will go through the data model, the implementation of nested relations and give you an overview on how you can create powerful applications using Grakn.

Don't forget to check out the openCTI project here -->

🎤 Samuel Hassine, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at ANSSI

Samuel Hassine is the head of cyber threat intelligence unit at ANSSI, the French Cybersecurity Agency. His team is dealing with the most important state-sponsored intrusion sets targeting french ministries and critical infrastructures. After 10 years of experience in this area, working for major french banks and indutries, he decided to build an open source product allowing organization to manage their CTI knowledge. Co-founder and product manager of the OpenCTI platform, he ensures the coherence and the adequacy of the application's features with the operational needs of the analysts

🎤 Julien Richard, Vice President of Engineering at YOOI

Julien Richard is the Vice President of Engineering at YOOI, a French data management/strategy startup. Before YOOI, Julien was the director of engineering at Axway, leading the project "Decision Insight" (bi-temporal analytics platform). Co-founder and lead developer of the OpenCTI platform, he brings his knowledge and experience of product management, software architecture and development to the community.

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10 Rue de Milan