Board Games Friday Meetup

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Café Sirius (Science-Fiction Bokhandeln)

Kungsgatan 19 · Göteborg

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The café is inside the shop "Science-Fiction Bokhandeln". If the front door is closed go to Magasingatan 18A; there's an entrance to an office building that is also a back door to the café. Call the number indicated on the door and we'll open for you

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Welcome to the Friday Board Games Meetup!

It's taking place once every two weeks, alternately with the Sunday Board Games Meetup, meaning one gaming session every week!

We'll gather directly at Café Sirius at 18.00. We'll have a table near the entrance when you come in where we welcome everyone so start by taking a swing there (even if it's not your first time; it helps us to keep track of how many we are each time).

Try to come on time to simplify the matchmaking, then leave when you've won enough times (or are sick of losing!) and remember to change game partners during the evening to get to know everyone!

A couple of important things:

- No seat limitation BUT do RSVP if you intend to come and please keep your status up-to-date so that we have an idea of how many we'll be.

- Don't forget your name tag if you already have one (otherwise you'll get a fancy shame-tag!) and if you don't we'll give you one.

- Café Sirius offers a couple of games but feel free to bring some of your own!

- If the front door to the shop is closed, go around the building to Magasingatan 18A; it's an entrance to an office building but also a back door to the café. Once there, call the number indicated on the door and we'll come open for you.

- During the first hour, one organizer will lead an “introductory table” to help newcomers quickly get started; a table where simple and quick games are played, so that anyone can join or leave as they please. The idea is that you won’t need to wander aimlessly before finding your first gaming table, and those who need players to start a game of their own can pick some from there.

That's about it!

If you have questions you can write a comment, create a discussion or contact our Meetup & Communication Manager Fanny Pelletier directly via Meetup's messaging function.

See you at the event!