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This is a meetup group for the laid back, outdoor personality type. For people who like to spend a few hours hiking a trail or around a State Park or spending a few nights on a campout adventure. For people who are independent, but also like to get together with a group and share a beer over a campfire. For people who like to watch the moon rise as well as the sunrise! From the experienced backpacker, to people who are trying camping for the first time, we are a community of outdoor enthusiasts that are making an effort to reach out and meet new people, see new places, hike new trails and enjoy the company of others while doing these activities. One of the most important things about our group is to get out of the city and connect with nature.
If any of this sounds like your "cup of tea" join us for a hike or campout and see how things go!


We REQUIRE a picture on your MCBH group profile that clearly shows your face and head. In other words, An event host MUST BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE you by your picture at the start of an event.

A close-up without hats or sunglasses is best. We believe this is a common courtesy to our event leaders, who make an effort to identify everyone before leaving on a hike.
If there is a specific reason you chose not to post this type of photo please send a message to the group organizer that there is a reason, not what it is unless you chose to, and we'll work something out.
Our event hosts make an effort to identify everyone when they arrive for an event so they can introduce themselves and so no one gets left behind. Please keep in mind that the hosts and other members will probably be looking at your picture on their phone so a close up head shot is appreciated.
If you have any concerns over this policy please contact the organizer directly.



OUR GROUP IS MEMBER DRIVEN! Please consider hosting a hike, campout or other activity in your area. Ideas, with all the details, can be sent to the Organizer, Mike Galezio, and I can post it to our calendar! Anyone suggesting or posting an event can be set up as the host. I will do this automatically unless you request otherwise.

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