Building AI Apps Using Cognitive Services and R programming in Azure ML studio

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**Both sessions will be in english**

Session 1 by, Rahat Yasir

Title: Building AI Apps and Agents Using Cognitive Services

In this session, we will talk about steps to develop AI apps and agents using Cognitive Services. Cognitive services are providing pre-built AI facilities for image processing, speech analysis, text analysis, searching etc. We will show step by step demos of using different cognitive service APIs and how we can incorporate Cognitive services with our existing applications.

Bio: Rahat Yasir is Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence. He got Canada's Dev 30 under 30 Award for 2018. He is currently working at Intact Financial Corp as Machine Learning and AI Engineer.

Session 2 by Frédéric Simard

TITLE: R programming in Azure ML studio

Description: In this session, we will teach you the principles of R programming, how it integrates in Azure Machine Learning, and how it compares to R Studio­.

BIO: With over 17 years of experience in software development, Frédéric Simard is known for his passion for software architecture, artificial intelligence and best practices. He's currently finishing a Master's degree in Software Engineering with an AI project built on human behaviour modelling that uses BDI agents.