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De quoi s'agit-il

EXPAT PARTY & PARIS NIGHTLIFE is focused on internationally-minded people from all over the world, being Expats/Impats/Internationals living In Paris, having the strong desire to opening their lives to each other, sharing human and great time experiences in the City Of Lights. 

Our goal is both to take the hand of the "New in Town" members and guide them to insiders experiences, or create opportunities to initiates already knowing Paris to bring them knock at some known or more exclusive venues' doors, enjoying them differently with a strong International atmosphere.

We strongly desire to give the opportunities of feeling like insiders or happy few, proposing a large selection of moments - from casual drinks to cocktail parties -, from intimate bar venues to club, boats & major 5 stars Hotels, with specific thematics - Halloween, Christmas Bash, Gatsby party, Black Tie party, etc. - and activities to share together. 

We usually propose our own built events or team up with other Parisian Organizers to access more unique venues/party thematics.

So if you deeply feel being part of a Big World where each one of us as individuals can make a difference and make a contribution to the International Community in Paris so feel free to ...

                                                                        ...  just JOIN & ENJOY !!! ...