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De quoi s'agit-il

Your home for off-beat, different, active and unique Paris exploration since 2008.

Looking for adventure in Paris? Tired of the same-old night out, the same old weekend at the park? Want to meet like-minded individuals who also enjoy alternative travel and unique experiences? Let's get together and find new ways to explore and enjoy the city! The goal of this group is to serve as a collection point for experiencing Paris in a unique, alternative or creative way; if you prefer to avoid the bo-ring trendy, "just get drunk", or overly touristy experiences then join us for some cool and unique Paris Adventures.

How about kayaking the Seine? Discovering hidden spots and places in Paris? Bike rides to new places? Bar-hops in new neighborhoods? Urban exploration? Discovering new restaurants? Learning about new cultures? Getting off the beaten-path to see street art? Hitting wacky museums? There is no end to the join us.