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November Scala Monthly Meetup

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Please propose your talks, lightning talks, book reviews, live coding demos,... in the comments!


Creating a BitTorrent Client with Akka (Part 1) by Dominik Gruber (
What does it take to create a BitTorrent Client with Scala and Akka? Dominik will give an overview of the protocol, talk about parsing the special "Bencode" format, and the architecture with Akka. This is part 1 of the talk since the client is not done yet.

Load Testing with Gatling by Peter Brachwitz ( (~ 25 min)
Peter will talk about Gatling (, "an open-source load testing framework based on Scala, Akka and Netty".

"Becoming Functional" Book Review by Felix Amerbauer (~ 15 min)
Felix will give an overview of the O'Reilly book "Becoming Functional" ( by Joshua Backfield and will share his opinion about it.

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There will be drinks sponsored by openForce GmbH (! Go check out their currently open positions (!

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JetBrains ( sponsors 1 Personal license for IntelliJ IDEA ( which we will raffle amongst the the attendees to the meetup!

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