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De quoi s'agit-il

We play all kinds of games, from Horror games with Trail/Call of Cthulhu, Vampire and other World of Darkness games, fantasy with several editions of D&D, Pathfinder and Warhammer FRP and Sci-fi with the Warhammer 40k line and Shadowrun. Everyone should be able to find a game they want to play or feel free to introduce a new one to the group.

We hope this will be a group where you can try new games and expand your horizons together with a friendly group of people.

The group is open to anyone in the Ile de France area of France, or who frequents the area. All members need to be able to understand common every-day english, and be able to make themselves understood, but your english does not have to be in any way perfect.

We are the sister group of the English-speaking Boardgamers of Paris, and share many of the same great members and have some common events together. If you play boardgames or are interested in trying it out, just pop right over and sign up:

English-speaking Boardgamers of Paris

Happy gaming! :-)