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A WordPress community meeting in the heart of Coventry. We're here to learn from each other and help us all get the most out of the popular web publishing software. Whether you are a seasoned developer, or part time blogger, all visitors are welcome... Come on in, and grab a seat! In the meantime why not read our blog (https://www.wpcoventry.co.uk/)?

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WordPress Coventry - Nov Meetup ~ "The one about all the marketing"

After our techie talks in October we are coming back with a couple of great marketing talks to help you get the most out of your business for all things WordPress. /* First up we have Karl Craig-West from Buzz Webs ( https://buzzwebsitedesign.com/ ) with "Advanced marketing techniques for web developers and designers!" */ ********** Wordpress has much to offer to clients but sadly many web designers and developers struggle to sell enough websites to build a sustainable business. In this fast-paced workshop you'll learn how to make sure your marketing and sales really hit the mark. You'll learn things like: - the 3 key things that all marketing messages MUST have (if any of these is missing your results will be poor). - How to properly turn features into benefits that your prospective clients will want to buy. - 2 simple (but rarely used) ways of overcoming price objections - Measuring your marketing efforts to ensure you're spending time and money in the right areas. - A simple, but highly effective, referral strategy that you can switch on and off like a tap After this session you should have enough knowledge to put together a solid sales and marketing plan that will enable you to successfully grow your client base and your business. ********** /* Next we have John Fitzgerald from 46Fish ( http://46fish.com ) with “What is a Brand? Best Practice and Best Business Website!” */ ********** You may ask what on earth has brand and best practice got to do with designing and building the best business website that will create the best buzz for your buck! Well first impressions count and it doesn’t make any difference how many bells and whistles you have on your site and how well structurally your site is. If it doesn’t look and feel good you might as well throw all that HARD WORK time and effort away. Your audience is a shallow old bunch so The Best Business Practice in this order for your route to business success and financial freedom is: 1. Company name 2. Domain name 3. Strap-line/positioning statement 4. Brand Inception (Starting with the logo) 5. WEBSITE (Wordpress) To create the best brand you need to know WHAT IS A BRAND? And I’ve got some examples of some brands I’ve created too. As they say I’ll ‘Walk the walk as well as talk the talk’. So I’ve only got a ten minute slot. So hold onto your chair get your pen or phone ready to take some key notes of the slides. This could be the most financially important presentation you will ever see to make all your hard work with Wordpress pay off and put your competitors to shame. ********** Agenda: 17:30 - Arrivals (Grab a refreshment from the bar and head upstairs to the function room) 18:00 - Open Networking 18:20 - Karl Craig-West from Buzz Webs 19:00 - Break (Grab a refreshment!) 19:20 - John Fitzgerald from 46Fish 20:00 - Wrap-up, Networking and Social Come along to meet the group, introduce yourself and be sure to bring a business card!

WPCoventry - "The one with the Christmas Social" - December Meetup

To finished off this year we are skipping any formal presentations and just meeting for a social to see out the year. At this point we will have had WordPress 5.3 released so we're sure there will still be load to talk about!

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