Prochain Meetup

Universal language
Hello everyone! I was thinking of what I could share with you and it seems that the biggest problem that we have today is miscommunication and disconnection. I'm trying out a new technique that will allow people to be more connected with everything that is surrounding us. I'm inviting you to the first session that will take place in Parc Exflora! I will help you to connect with - Inner self; - Environment (Earth, sea, flora, ...); - Animals; - Other people, Etc. Everyone who is open-minded, fun-loving and Earth-loving is invited! This session is for everyone, so you can join with your baby or animal, they are also welcome. Please bring a bottle of water and small mat or something to sit on if we need. Will be glad to meet you all, Anastasia. P.S. This is a free event. P.P.S. We meet at 9.00 at the entrance to supermarket L'Eclerc My phone number in case is[masked]

Parc Exflora

Avenue de Cannes, 06160 Antibes · Antibes