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Presentation: Oyster Culture Operation in Pensacola Bay
Have you seen these structures in Pensacola Bay and wondered just what is going on? It's oyster culturing! Join us for our monthly presentation and find out all about the structures and the process of oyster farming. Mr. Don McMahon, the owner of the Pensacola Bay Oyster Company, will present a program on his oyster culture operation in Pensacola Bay. Mr. McMahon grew up in Pensacola and studied business and marine biology at Florida State University. He is currently leasing 10 acres (5 in Escambia Bay and 5 in East Bay) from the State of Florida for his oyster farming operation. The meeting room is located across the breezeway from the planetarium. Refreshments are provided. Guests are always welcome!

PSC, Baroco Science Center

21 Airport Boulevard · Pensacola, fl

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