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We are looking forward to an awesome new Meetup in January with amazing talks:

• Node.js Alternatives on the JVM
- Niko Köbler

Besides the V8 based solutions like Node.js, TeaJS, SilkJS and others, there are JVM based solutions like Avatar and Nodyn, implementing the Node-API, but using alternative JavaScript engines, like Nashorn and DynJS.

Both approaches deal with the ability to be able to execute JS code not only non-blocking and asynchronously, but also in multiple threads and being able to communicate between these threads with an event bus or shared state - even in highly distributed systems! Additionally, there are major advantages of using a JVM-based scripting engine when developing for enterprise environments.

• Why you should take a look at Ember.js (again)
- Henning Glatter-Götz

Ember.js was out of the gate a bit later than others and was said to have a very steep learning curve. Its Data layer was not ready and changed on a daily basis. There were no clear best practices for structuring an application and the documentation was in need of a lot of attention. Early adopters definitely had to endure a lot of pain if they stuck with Ember.js, especially in the pre 1.0 days.

But the framework reached 1.0 in August of 2013, has the best router around, its data layer Ember Data is nearing 1.0, the documentation is excellent, it has a blazingly fast build pipeline based entirely on JavaScript that supports ES6 modules and its community is welcoming, friendly and very active.

I will outline the reasons why I chose Ember.js over the competitors and why I think Ember.js deserves another look if you previously concluded that it was not for you. We will look at some Ember apps in the wild to see what can be learned from them and do a bit of coding ourselves.