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And here is the agenda for the upcoming event on wednesday:

• Meteor Introduction - Jo Meenen

1. Why you want to consider Meteor for your next project? (Hot code reload, reactivity, data over the wire, package universe, and one line deployment)
2. Web applications and cross platform apps (Android and iOS)
3. App demo(s)
4. Meteor components and architecture
5. MongoDB and minimongo. Database everywhere (server and client)
6. What has been built with Meteor so far?
7. Meteor community.8. Learning Meteor, resources.

• Special guest with a lightning talk ;-)

• CrossCode - An HTML5 based 2D Action-RPG - Felix Klein

With a rise of APIs such as Canvas2D, WebGL, Web Audio and the Gamepad API, HTML5 becomes an attractive platform for games.

While most HTML5-based games today can be categorized as casual- or mini games, the technology today is advanced enough to support even more complex types of games. In this talk we present CrossCode, a 2D Action-RPG entirely written in JavaScript. Behind the game's admittedly simple 2D graphics style hides a sophisticated game engine with 3D collision, path finding, 3D sound and many more features. We'll demonstrate the different features CrossCode has to offer and give an insight into HTML5 game development in general.

See you on wednesday! :-)