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***Adult actors: To sign up to attend a free online acting class PLEASE SUBMIT A FORM AT THIS PAGE***
The Online Actor Studio is offering eligible adult actors the opportunity to attend a FREE online acting class. Discover our approach to Film/TV acting in our classes and workshops from anywhere in the world. Whether you're a complete beginner or someone with advanced prior training and experience, we have acting classes and lessons that can help accelerate your acting career and take your understanding of acting to the next level.

While Meetup allows anyone to receive a "ticket" for the event, THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE ATTENDANCE.
Everyone MUST FILL OUT A FORM on the page LINKED ABOVE to be able to eligible to attend so they can be properly booked into Calendly.


Note*** Teens and kids (anyone under 18 years of age) are NOT permitted to attend a free session at this time.
Teens 14-18 can be eligible to attend our Acting On-Camera for Teens classes. See more info here:

We *cannot guarantee* placement or eligibility in our classes. Please see our studio terms linked here for more details:
Get your acting career going with the guidance of our coaches who are working actors and have been featured on Netflix, Hulu, FX, HBO, and Disney Channel shows as well as studio movies and independent films.

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In our classes we cover:
- our unique, organic "acting skillset approach"
- scene study and character development
- audition technique (focusing on auditioning with spontaneity and truth)
- on-camera spatial awareness and framing
- movement in the frame
- spontaneity and truth in performance
- dramatic improvisation
- "spaces" in acting
- wardrobe and props
- how casting works
- how to get auditions (yourself and through an agent)
- self-taping auditions
- building a demo reel (what kinds of things to put on it, and when)
- getting an agent (detailed process with tips/tricks)
- setting up a home studio
- acting in smaller cities vs major cities (US & Canada)
- the importance of being great at self-taping in 2023
- what is the perfect self-tape setup?
- are you getting the auditions you want?
- the best way to self-submit
- are you with an agent that’s the right fit?
- what is the “it” factor that some people have, and can you develop yours?
- highlighting your strengths on your resume
- editing your own reel and constantly refining it

Join other actors taking our acting classes from:
The United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand!

We've trained actors in:
Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Portland, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Winnipeg, Anchorage, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Ottawa, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, St. Louis, New Orleans, Montreal, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Chicago, Louisville, Memphis, Baltimore, Nashville, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Halifax, Philadelphia, Atlanta,, Boston & everywhere in between!

* Please see our studio terms here:

The Online Actor Training Studio reserves the right to be selective about who is granted attendance to a free class based on a variety of logistical and other factors. We cannot guarantee a spot to anyone.***

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