• A New Year's Eve Paint Dance and champagne tasting party!
    A New Year's Eve Paint Dance Celebration! WOULD YOU LIKE TO DRESS DOWN AND GET CRAZY FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE, THIS YEAR? Well, here's your chance! We are going to paint all over each other in the private art studio of abstract expressionist painter and hunger awareness activist, Matt Jones. Where: Gasworks Gallery's Back Entrance - on Lake Union in Wallingford. 3816 Latona Ave NE. When: New Year's Eve, Dec 31st (from 10 pm till 1ish) Cost: Early Bird Specials ONLY $19. This is a private event that is open only to those that sign up in advance, on Event Brite. https://paint-dance-new-years-eve-2018.eventbrite.com Show us your Uber receipt and a special present at the door :) Imagine, a large ultra-cool art studio, full of crazy people painting all over each other, on New Year's Eve! This event is limited and WILL sell out quickly! This is going to be a wild night. Expect mass paint EVERYWHERE! The music at this event will be a choice selection of classic dance music. It will be greatly enhanced by our ultra megawatt sound system. This is a fabulous event for singles! Couples are totally welcome! HERE'S HOW THE HUMAN CANVAS EVENTS WORK! Put on a white shirt or visit the local thrift store and buy one. It can be any kind of white shirt. Toss it on, come to the party and let EVERYONE paint on you like a Human Canvas! If you are feeling extra adventurous, add other white items to your attire. It's New Year's Eve so dress as up or as down as you like! Here are some ideas for your thrift store shopping adventure! The crazier and more outdated, the better! White prom dresses White wedding dresses White suits White prom tuxes White dress shirts and hippy shirts white pants and white jeans White shoes, hats, scarves, watches, jewelry, handbags, ties or any accessories you like! And of course - white t-shirts CHAMPAIGN, WINE, AND BEER FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Please bring any of the following: champaign, wine, microbrews, imported beer, and designer alcohol-free beverages. Imagine all the fun we will have with a unique selection of beverages from around the world. Every little bit helps, but what we really want, is your smile! Please note: the house does not provide drinks. TASTY FOOD AND CHOCOLATE! Please feel free to bring some tasty party food and chocolate. The more food and drink the merrier! We will have a large table for just food! Let's have a huge feast of food, drink, dance, and paint. HERE ARE A FEW IMPORTANT ITEMS ABOUT THE EVENT: 1. This event is for 48 mature and thoughtful adults. Trust is the most valued attribute you can bring to the party. Think of it as both a family friendly and highly respectful environment when you paint on others. 2. We have high expectations for the men. We expect the men to bring their most gentlemanly behavior to the event and to treat the women (and each other) with a high level of respect and honor. 3. You must be 21 or older to attend. This event is guaranteed to become the photo opportunity of a lifetime! Just grab a white shirt and join-in on all the crazy fun of the Human Canvas Paint Dance Party! Rock on! Matt This is a private event that is open only to those that sign up in advance, on Event Brite. https://paint-dance-new-years-eve-2018.eventbrite.com FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? You must be 21 or older to attend. What can I bring into the event? Please bring any of the following: champaign, wine, microbrews, and imported beer. The house does not provide drinks. What's the refund policy? A 100% Refund is available up to 72 hrs before the event. We have a lot of on-street parking in the neighborhood. Plus, 4 parking lots on the same block as the warehouse. Look for the signs that say: Gasworks Gallery Event Parking Only. Show us your Uber receipt and receive a special gift at the door :) Event Location: Please come to the Latona address. The Gasworks Gallery entrance on 4th will be locked. Thanks :)

    The Warehouse - Behind Gasworks Gallery

    3816 Latona Ave NE · Seattle, WA

  • Members Mixer
    • What we'll do Mark the date: 8/10 (Friday)! Come join us and have fun at a social mixer for all members, new and existing. We have reserved the back rooms of Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant on 1st Avenue and Columbia Street for this event. Members from 8 different Meetup groups will be attending so come make some new friends. Cover charge will be $10, appetizers will be served at around 7pm and there will be raffle of gift cards. So please come early before all the yummy food is gone. By the way, you don't have to be there exactly at 6pm, the event goes from 6 to 9ish, you can come and go at anytime. And if you feel like it, you can stay behind for some karaoke fun afterwards(starts from 9ish). • What to bring • Important to know

    Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant

    801 1st Ave · Seattle, WA