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FREE Human Canvas Dance Party in the Park

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Hi Fun Dance Party Friends!

We are planning several HUGE FREE Human Canvas Dances in the park. We will announce the dates, times and locations to those that join the group!

Our Human Canvas Parties have been an enormous success! Our Aug 3rd event had well over 200 RSVP's from a dozen Meetup groups within a week! Everyone had a total blast! Think about how many people will be coming to our first FREE Human Canvas Dance in the park!


Once we finished planning the event, we will announce the date and location to those that RSVP.

Here’s how the “Human Canvas” works!

Put on a old white shirt or visit the local thrift store and buy one. Toss it on, come to the park and let EVERYONE at the party use you as a Human Canvas while we dance and hang out! If you are really feeling adventurous, wear some white pants, hats, gloves, shoes, accessories, you name it. Feel free to wear as much white you like! :)

AS you might imagine, this is a fabulous event for singles!

Be a part of the Human Canvas Evolution! The next generation of Paint Dancing. The Human Canvas Paint Dance is destined to become the next International rage of fun Paint Dancing events!

Paint Dancing began in our very own Gasworks Gallery in 2006 and now has grown to NY, LA, San Francisco, London, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago and several other cities around the world!

This exciting event will be FREE!

The non-toxic magic markers we provide are safe and fun. They wash off your skin and hair with soap and water. They will stain clothing, so please dress with that in mind. Imagine how cool this party will become when we turn on the black lights and warehouse lasers at the end of the evening while everyone is dancing in their freshly created white art clothes.

HUGE PICNIC - Please bring potluck foods and drinks to share with everyone!

We will have several large tables just for food and drink. We will bring recyclable picnic plates, forks and napkins. Please bring anything you like. It's a potluck, so every little bit helps to make this a fabulous event for everyone!

This outdoor event will be greatly enhanced by our ultra mega watt sound system from the warehouse. The speakers alone tower nearly 7 feet!

This event is guaranteed to become the photo opportunity of a lifetime! Don't worry if you can't find the right outfit in time. Just grab a white T-shirt or anything white and join-in on all the crazy fun of the Human Canvas White Shirt & Magic Marker Paint Dance!


Rock on!

Matt Jones

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