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Clear Guidance on Thursdays at Noon Pacific Call 323-524-2599. Know yourself.
• What we'll do Know yourself Call in and get clear guidance for an extraordinary life! Miracle Makers for you on Thursdays at noon Pacific on UBN! Each episode has an opportunity for a free reading for you! Join us: Dr. Sarah Larsen on Miracle Makers on UBN Radio/TV Listener Call in to get free reading[masked]! Listen on Facebook Live! The Oracle at Delphi said. “Gnothi seauton”, literally, “know thyself”. Socrates, who took the Oracle’s command very literally, and sought to achieve wisdom. Socrates, the Greek philosopher, is considered the father of western philosophy. Plato was his most famous student and would teach Aristotle who would then tutor Alexander the Great. Knowing yourself leads to: Happiness. You will be happier when you know how you feel and can express who you are. Expressing yourself, your desires, no one else can do that for you! Less inner conflict. Peace, integrity and understanding your own values. When your outside actions are in accordance with your inside feelings and values, you will experience less inner conflict. Self-control. Self control is about being present in the moment. When you know yourself, you understand what motivates you. Your life is more in the present moment because you have access to deeper parts of you! You resist bad habits and develop good ones. You'll have the insight to know which values and goals activate your willpower. Resistance to social pressure. When you are grounded in your values and preferences, you are you. You value you and are less likely to say “yes” when you want to say “no.” Tolerance and understanding of others. This is my favorite. I want to be the most loving version of myself. Your awareness of your own foibles and struggles can help you help others. You develop a fair and objective attitude toward yourself and others. Your "vision" encompasses everybody when you know yourself. Vitality and pleasure: You understand your own wholeness. Being who you truly are helps you feel more alive and makes your experience of life richer, larger, and more exciting. • What to bring Listener Call in to get free reading[masked]! Listen on Facebook Live! • Important to know Sign up for Dr. Sarah's Newsletter and get free gifts every week: Get: Self-love Guided Meditation Dream Body Meditation

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What we're about

Words of love and affection came easily to the enthusiastic to the Miracle Makers Community!

You could be born an only child or to a tight knit Italian immigrant family with many many kids!

You could be born and raised in Los Angeles or just moved here from a tiny city with 10 siblings in a home with only one bathroom! Your father could be a waiter and your mother into winemaking!

You may be ready to explore ecology and gardening.

You may wish you had a friend growing up that sang and danced with you! And now sings to his children!

You could be all of the above or none! We invite you to join or community here!

In each opportunity, you'll be encouraged to talk about your daily activities. You'll meet people and know you are with the family at the dinner table. MOst of all you'll learn something!

No one should go to bed as stupid at night as they woke up in the morning!

Each opportunity, meetup or seminar will help you so you've got to learn something every day to make your life happier, more complete and connected to possibilities!

We Miracle Makers have learned that you learn best by modeling. If you want people to learn, do it!"

Dear Miracle Makers, no religion involved. You can be a follower of Muhammad or Jesus or Buddha or whomever.
We believe in what they said: that the most essential factor is to love your neighbor. And to love you! And to grow even more loving!

That is the anthem of this group.

We stress "Love," as the single unifying force of life.

Let's get together and love one another!

Free uplifting activities in our neighborhood, like meditation at the park, having potlucks with like minded individual, and play dates at local healing centers with great speakers. We can also have events for just the ladies, or just men, like goddess night-out, warrior movie night, group yoga, reiki for healing, and anything else that looks like fun.

Thank you,

Dr Sarah Larsen


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