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Educational Special Interest Series (SIG) - The Big Questions in Philosophy
Next lectures in the series are: • Lecture 29--"How Are We to Live?" • Lecture 30-- "Why Bother Being Good?" We will be taking July and August off for further lectures. Have a great summer. This is a 36 lecture series on the Great Courses on DVD taught by Dr. David Kyle Johnson. Dr. David Kyle Johnson has a doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, and regularly teaches classes on metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of the mind, and logic as well as courses on critical thinking and scientific reasoning. He has published papers on free will, the rationality of theistic belief, the problem of natural evil, the multiverse and the simulation hypothesis, the existing of souls and demons, and many related topics. At Oklahoma Dr. Johnson won the coveted Kenneth P. Merrit Graduate Teaching award. In 2011 the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Public Philosophy gave him an award for his ability to make philosophy accessible to the general public. We review 2 lectures per meeting and discuss what we have heard after each lecture. Lectures 16 - 18 COULD THERE BE AN AFTERLIFE? Lectures 19 – 22 WHAT IS THE NATURE OF THE MIND? Lectures 23 – 25 WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT AND WRONG? Lectures 26 – 30 HOW SHOULD SOCIETY BE ORGANIZED? Lectures 31 – 35 CAN WE ASK THE ULTIMATE QUESTION? Lecture 36 What is the meaning of Life? Those who are interested will go to lunch at a restaurant nearby to socialize with fellow freethinkers. Host for Educational SIG, Jerry Karches.

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