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French Expériences in Paris 🇫🇷  💬
French Expériences in Paris 🇫🇷 💬
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Enter in the café and go upstairs. You should then easily find me!

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Are you talkin' to me? 🔉🤔
As a non-native French speaker, it's frequent to experience difficulties to understand when a Parisian talks, which may often lead to confusing and awkward conversations and situations!

Why the Parisians seem to be sometimes so hard to understand? What quick-win techniques could you easily use to practice and improve significantly your listening comprehension skills and get more fluent while talking to the Parisians?

Through this free meetup, get the opportunity to identify the main listening comprehension challenges in the French language. Get personalized feedback and learn about how you could significantly scale up your listening comprehension skills with proven and practical techniques and exercices !



I am Fabienne, an experienced ~31 yo French teacher for expatriates in Paris area and co-founder at novexpat. I graduated from a master in linguistics and educational sciences. I have been teaching to adults and children for about 9 years in India, Italy, Spain and Paris.
l am fond of pedagogy and always happy to share my knowledge with French learners!



• Participation to costs: Free. You might be required to go for a coffee or a tea to stay at out meeting place.

• Duration: 1h15. We will start on time due to the intense programme!

• Group size: We will be a max of 6 French learners.

• Language: French, obviously! 😉 Don't worry, I will adapt and may switch in English i needed!

• Question before the Meetup: Answering the question is optional (and confidential) but makes the meetup even more powerful!



Don't worry : cancelling can happen. But please🙏🙏🙏, send me a short notice prior the meeting!! If I am expecting you and that you do not show up, I worry so much about something bad could have happened to you! 😨 So, please, let me know!🙏

⚠️ Preparing a meetup takes a lot of time and efforts even when it is free! It's also limited to a small group of motivated and respectful attendees.
As a consequence, if you do not show up without prior notice, you will be automatically removed to the attendees list to any of our future meetups. Thank you for your understanding.



If so, feel free to ask and suggest (in French of course, if you want to practise already 😉 ) ! I will be very happy to help and hear from you!

À mercredi !