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Over the next few weeks, we'll be learning French vocabulary and grammar to:

- Express your feeling
- Talk about climate
- Talk about location and outdoors activities
- Talk about traveling

This course will focus on developing your speaking abilities and will wish to develop more fluency in everyday communication. This level strives to introduce students to enrich their vocabulary. You will be introduced to the rules and notions of more grammatical tenses such as: the present tense (le présent), the preterit (le passé composé) and, the future (le futur simple).

You will talk about your day-to-day life, provide more information about yourself; your activities at work, your activities after work and how to socialize in a French environment.

Each class is limited to 8 students and 1 instructor, so you'll receive a lot of personal attention and guidance. There will also be numerous opportunities to practice your spoken French in even smaller groups (in breakout rooms on Zoom). This is a comfortable, friendly, stress-free environment in which you can really improve your listening comprehension and speaking skills. Optional homework is assigned, and additional resources are recommended so that you can progress even faster. If you try to study in between classes, you'll see real progress!

Material: Alter ego + A1, Dossier 6

Workbook: This book is available online:

The link will be visible on this page only for attendees. Just click on it to open the platform.

NOTE: that in the case of a cancellation, 24 hour notice is required.

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Drop-in French lessons online
Drop-in French lessons online
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