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Bonjour à vous ツ

Que vous cherchiez à améliorer votre français, ou encore à connaitre d'autres français du coin (ou francophones) avec qui parler à bâton rompu de tout et de rien, ou bien encore échanger vos impressions, infos et experiences en tant qu'expat, venez donc rejoindre les réunions du French Language Club of Central Forida (FLCCFL) where all levels are welcome as far as you put an effort into conversational practice.

✔This is NOT a tutoring group/one-on-one program. This is only for the purpose of practicing your French, starting level 1. However, no need to feel intimidated. I made a point of honor in no one to feel left behind. I don't mind switching back and forth French-English/English-French, especially with struggling beginners ≧◉◡◉≦

✔We attempt to meet once/week - [unpredictable] Floridian weather permitting -. During Summer/Winter/Spring breaks, this is pretty much 'touch & go'. No meetings on big Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year. Most of our members are away or dedicate that time of the year to their families. We usually meet in bakeries, cafés & other grilles of Central FL such as in downtown (i.e., Lake Eola, Lake Baldwin, etc), Winter Park, Lake Mary, Casselberry, Oviedo, etc. Occasionally, in the Millenia area.

✔Although we try avoiding noisy sport bars-level noise type of place, I cannot always guarantee what will be the level of noise for each place on any given day & time of the year. I try my best to keep places' choice various, yet convenient & enjoyable for the greatest number of participants. Hence, if it happens you wear a hearing device as for one example, you might have to go with the flow now and then as most of our Club's members insist in variety regarding places as well as areas. I don't mind accommodating their wish (democracy prevails (¬‿¬) ).

✔Besides other related events like going to a French movie at the Enzian Theater for instance, or cultural exhibitions in museums and galleries (such as The Bohemian one's) whenever it's relevant, we chat, laugh, eat...and even play [French] board games/cards when the mood strikes.

✔Lastly, your best friend, parent, kid, significant other & such is more than welcome at no charge from our Club. Simply add them as your guest(s) when responding to a meeting.

As a requirement of the Club Membership, each new member must read our primary Club guidelines. After becoming a full member, those rules will bond them.

2017 Updated rules:

#1: All members must have a recognizable profile picture, and at least, their real first name. We have to be able to recognize you at the meetings. This group is entirely private, so your privacy is protected, and new members are filtered/checked systematically in order for the FLCCFL to remain as enjoyable as it is. By becoming a full member, you had agreed to comply to its rules & guidelines on your own free will.

#2: For safety purpose, one will have to be enrolled in the group as a full member (i.e. a paying one) before participating to any event. As a temporary member, you will have < 48 hours to post the small annual membership fee after deciding if the calendar of the Club fits their interest or not. If no payment made during that time frame, the software will automatically remove them. Please, disregard the 14 days-trial (not applicable in our Club).

#3: As required by most, I try keeping places in variety, however if it happens a member has a disability, it would be their sole responsibility for double-checking ahead if it would suit whichever their impairment is by calling the place ahead, looking it up on Yelp, etc. Only they would be able to determine this for themselves.

#4: All members must post their membership fee as soon as they got the automated message their year is up. FLCCFL has a small annual membership donation that we can help cover the rather expensive Meetup website's costs charged every 6 months to your organizer, which keeps on increasing. Meetup now charges based on the number of members, therefore there's no point in keeping ghost members that never shows up. Besides your organizer's annual charges, the website also retains a fee out of the $12 membership as well that you post...both for itself & its partners (!). However, it also encourages members to stay committed as well as helps providing occasionally supplies/equipment (French games, potlucks, cooking, DVDs rentals, etc).

In order to become a full member or to renew your membership, look on the left column of the FLCCFL home page and simply click on '$12 a year' under 'Membership dues' (right under 'Calendar'). Otherwise, members expose themselves to be automatically removed from the group, and eventually to have to re-apply if they would like to do so. The annual fee is subject to increase as the Meetup fees for the organizer increase accordingly.

#5: No refund request will be considered once you become a full member.

#6: Our Club claims no responsibility for the actions of individuals participating in the meetings. Participants are responsible for their own safety and behavior in relation to other participants. However, all members should be respectful of each other at anytime. Zero tolerance policy. As a friendly reminder, this group is not a cheap substitute for dating websites if part of any hidden agenda. If relationships/friendships naturally form in life, inappropriate/creepy behavior isn't acceptable and will be rewarded by the immediate removal & blocking of the harassing one.

#7: Be considerate by updating your RSVP if it happens your plans change.

#8: If there is less than three (3) people signed up for an event (non-including organizer or assistant-organizer if applicable), the meeting could be cancelled at their sole discretion.

Please, be an active participant, be involved and feel free to post 'ideas' regarding venues you would like to see happening. Other members would vote for them if of any interest.

Thank you all very much for your cooperation & support et je vous dis à très bientôt ツ


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