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Crypto, Credits and Cows - How blockchains can solve environmental challenges

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Crypto, Credits and Cows - How blockchains can solve environmental challenges


NOTE: The Bov Control team hasn't launched their project yet so we're going to have them back after they launch. For this meeting on October 8th we'll get back to basics and be discussing the latest crypto news along with our favorite coins, wallets and exchanges.

Bov Control is based here in Fresno and their technologies are used all over the world. Join us to hear from their team to see how they are using the blockchain to solve real world problems. After hearing from them, you might have a good candidate for your next crypto purchase.

  • Where the world is, the needs of sustainability
  • Carbon credits and challenges
  • Blockchain and new solutions (BovCrypto/Impact, Moss, and other existing solutions)
  • Farmers as heroes
  • What BovControl and cows are doing (BovCrypto - token development)
  • What this means for you, decisions, investing opportunities in the space

We will share the info we discuss "live" in a Google document so by the end of the meeting we'll have a great list of resources for everyone. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute to the document.

Here's the link to the Google doc that we'll be sharing:

Open the document and "Request Edit Access" to edit so you can contribute. Or send your G-Mail address to

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Fresno Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investors
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