What we're about

This Meetup is designed to get its members and friends to dance for fun. No partners are Necessary. We attend dances with great live bands every Friday Night so you can meet up with 200+ people any weekend you choose. The fee for these dances is extremely reasonable ($15), considering the fee covers a beginning lesson, dancing to a band, and light refreshments. Wow, a great bargain! There are over 25 different bands who love to play for dancers. You will be able to dance all social partner dances. Yes, that includes all styles of Swing, Ballroom and Latin dances. What, you don't know how to do these dances fear not you can take lessons very reasonable priced lessons ($10/hour) with super instructors Monday thru Friday. BTW the dancers on Fridays are also very willing to help you get started! Our "Mission" is to get ALL people young and old, to Join our Social, Swing, and Ballroom partner dancing group. No, you don't have to be a PRO, or young and hip, or "Sweet"( translation "Cool") to enjoy partner Dancing. No Partners are necessary to take part in our dances or lessons. This group believes, once you learn the basics of dance, you can experience the joy of dancing and ALL people can learn to dance, and dance together for years. Partner dancing is the best way to meet and keep friends for life! Group's dances and lessons are for ALL! Singles, Couples, ALL ages 16 and - UP! (Yes, dances and lessons include YOU, the Beginner, the Young and Hip, and even the "Stars") Get out and dance, Your heart will love you!

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