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14 people went



Well, a few have said it is too cold to skate.

I myself did not plan to skate and was just going to the Forks to look around and maybe have coffee or something at the Pancake House.

The sunshine makes it look so nice outside. When I open the door and look outside, it IS terribly cold at this moment in time (9am). Like a freezer.

So I will let you know, I am going there for 2pm and will be in the hallway outside the Pancake House if you want to meet me.

If there are some brave souls that want to skate, come on out, but you will be skating on your own, or with whoever shows that wants to skate.

To everyone no matter what you decide, have a great day!!!

I know I will make the best of it.

If you change your mind on going, don't forget to kindly change your RSVP so I know who to look for there.



HAPPY 2014 TO ALL!!!

How about ice skating at the Forks for the first meet up in the New Year? Great exercise, fresh air and then how about hot chocolate???

I have had a request for ice skating by Laura. Now I don't know that I will even be able to stand on skates anymore, after my experience on skates last year. LOL. So Laura kindly agreed to take lead of this meet up.

To start off the New Year why not come out and skate. What a great place to go skating too.

Or if you are like me, and not sure if you want to skate, we could go for coffee or hot chocolate to the Pancake House at the Forks while they are skating and talk. We could go for a walk around outside for some fresh air and support the ice skating members as well if you like! It will be an easy going day.

No $2 Meet Up fee