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"Return of the Soldier" by Rebecca West
This is the annual holiday pot-luck party. More information about the event will be forthcoming. You must have attended at least three book discussions in 2018 in order to attend. ------------------------------------------------------- What we'll do: Dinner and a discussion of the book led by Laura ------------------------------------------------------- “The Return of the Soldier” by Rebecca West (112 pages) 1918 The Return of the Soldier is the debut novel of English novelist Rebecca West which recounts the return of the shell shocked Captain Chris Baldry from the trenches of the First World War from the perspective of his cousin Jenny. The novel grapples with the soldier's return from World War I with mental trauma and its effects on the family, and optimistically suggests that psychoanalysis might offer a simple cure to the trauma. The Return of the Soldier is Rebecca's West's first novel and is the only novel written and published by a woman during the war about the war.

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