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What we’re about

Philippians 2:4
" ... do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others."
Hi ,
My name is Dave and I decided to start this group as the result of seeing the needs of my best friend who has epilepsy.

Please join if you have epilepsy, are a friend or relative of someone with epilepsy, or you wish to volunteer and help with the needs of those woth epilepsy.

There are various areas and topics one can address concerning epilepsy as a support group so all must feel free to engage and address whichever are of concern to you. One area of concern that I see needs to be addressed much more is isolation prevention.

My observation  is that, on the whole, this is not being addressed enough with focus and resources. It appears that not enough focus and resources are being directed for isolation prevention for those with epilepsy. This is an area which I would like to  address in a significant way here.

This would include fall prevention : Developing/finding resources and promoting help for it.

As I learned from realizing and knowing my friends needs - the organizer of the Orange County Epilepsy Alliance confirmed and said : isolation is a common problem with folks with epilepsy. This is because folks with epilepsy cannot drive an automobile as the rest of us can; we can go anywhere and do what we wish.

Purpose of this meetup is to identify and help get the following needs met for those with epilepsy - encouragement, social, companionship of friendship, and activity needs : To address and solve the common problem of isolation by fulfilling and getting those needs met mentioned above by developing solutions for those needs.

Who should join : Those with epilepsy, friends and family members of those with epilepsy, church members, community organization members, leaders and upstanding folk interested in helping those with epilepsy.

Goals :
A. All of the above - Searching for and providing immediate solutions for isolation prevention for those with epilepsy. Some solutions may be simple, beginning, small step solutions that make a real difference at the start. 
B. Eventually To start fundraising for those, such as my friend, who need aides and friends to accompany them in their daily life for fall prevention and help in their daily lives for the purpose of getting needs met that all people have:

  1. Encouragement,
  2. Social : 
    A. Reaching out.
    B. Having regular social activity.
    C. Fun things to do and getting to them and being able to participate safely with the awareness and help of aides, friends, family preventing and stopping falls in case of seizures. 
  3. and Self actualization needs meaning : Having daily constructive activity to engage in, whether having a job or volunteering in a safe environment where falling from seizures is prevented and seizures are handled properly. Helping friends and family to be  aware of isolation and it's effects, and seeking help from them.  
  4. Stress reduction. Among other seizure triggers, too much stress is a cause trigger of seizures for people with epilepsy. Teaching and promoting less stress is a goal, including stress which can be caused by depression caused by isolation,  thus the main goal :
    Isolation prevention for those with epilepsy. 
    Sincerely , David K. 6/3/11