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Sat, Mar 1

Leader: Chris Horan ( ) Length: 8-10 miles R/T

Phone: 602-515-6764 Rating: Moderate

MEET in Denny's parking lot, SW corner of I-17 and Bell Road, 7:30 am

This hike will take you to the site of a Hohokam habitation ruin on the top of a 300 ft high bluff overlooking Cave Creek at Chalk Canyon, approximately 4 miles upstream from the Spur Cross Park trailhead. The starting point for the hike is the parking lot of the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, a Maricopa County Regional Park. There are no restrooms at the parking lot but well maintained outhouses are located past the entrance gate approximately 0.2 miles from the parking lot. There is a per person entrance fee (current info found in Fees/Permit section) at the trail head for everyone except residents of the town of Cave Creek. At approximately 1 mile from the outhouses the road/trail crosses to the west side of Cave Creek and a short distance later enters the Tonto National Forest. The trail continues up the bottom of the canyon following the route of an old forest road, FR48, crossing the creek several times. Be prepared to do some rock hopping to keep your feet dry if there is water flowing in the creek. At approximately 2.2 miles from the parking lot after the trail crosses over to the east side of the creek you will come to a trail intersection with a large sign showing a map of the trails. The ruins at Chalk Canyon can be reached either by continuing up the canyon or by taking the Cave Creek Trail #4 to the right at the sign. The "official route" for this description follows CC #4 to the ruin site so at this point turn right and follow the old road bed.


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