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Thanks for joining our group of awesome women. x

I know how hard it is to make friends, especially in the midst of all the life transitions in your 50s. I believe that everyone should be able to make new friends in every season of their life.

And this is the place where it happens!

I'm Janey, a friendship enthusiast making it easy for you to make new friends and meaningful connections with other women in their 50s for more fun, laughter and happiness in your life.

So come along to our events and feel confident, supported and connected within a close-knit community of like-minded women.


Each week, we get together for a casual coffee catchup either in a central Auckland cafe (Morningside) or a North Shore cafe (Albany).

These 'done for you' events have a $5 joining fee (free to Real Women, Real Friends Club members)

I use Meetup to advertise these Friendship Made Easy coffee events so as to reach women in their 50s living in NZ.

However, I use Eventbrite to manage the attendees, ticketing and waitlist for each event.

  • Within each Meetup event posting, there is an Eventbrite link. Please click on the Eventbrite link to book your seat, to see how many tickets are available, or join the waitlist. I don't use Meetup RSVP. RSVPing here on Meetup will appear 'closed'.

    (I also send out a weekly email to let you know about upcoming events with the Eventbrite link. visit https://friendshipmadeeasy.com to receive this email).

  • We have a strict 'no-show' policy. If you need to cancel, I understand; life gets in the way sometimes. You just need to let me know within 24hrs of event date so I can refund your ticket (minus Eventbrite fees) and release your spot to someone else. We always have a waitlist, and if you don't show, someone misses out. And that's not cool. There is no refund for no shows.

For women who want a bit more than just coffee, we also have our Real Women, Real Friends Club members-only events, which are also advertised here on Meetup.

I can't wait to meet you!
Janey x

Here's is just a snapshot of what your FME Meetup group members have to say about our coffee events...

  • "I loved today! The company was nice and the venue was great. Looking forward to catching up again!"
  • "I really enjoyed today's meet-up. Love group of ladies and hearing where they have come from and wanting to go. "
  • "I am loving the catch ups. Enjoy meeting everyone. Thanks again for organising them and hope to attend many more."
  • "As the last time I truly enjoyed the catch up on Saturday and am looking forward to this Sunday."
  • "Absolutely loved it. Can't wait for the next one. Thank you so much for organising !"
  • "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my first "ladies catch up" in Ponsonby. And I'm looking forward to see you again tomorrow."
  • "It was great to meet with you and the others. I will definitely come again if i were in Auckland. "
  • "Great to see you again, and a few of the other ladies. Thank you for organizing this, the perfect number of people."
  • "It's a real privilege to be a part of this new group & an absolute pleasure to be meeting such lovely & interesting ladies."
  • "Thanks so much Janey for this & for organising todays 'meet-up'.
  • Really enjoyed it - there are some really interesting & wonderful ladies in the group."
  • "I had a great time today. Really thankful that you organised the catchup. I will definitely come again. "
  • "I really enjoyed it. Thank you for organising it Janey!"
  • "Thank you for your organising the meeting, I am glad to meet you. I am looking forward to seeing you again."
  • "Awesome 😍 thank you so much for facilitating this meetup Janey - it was wonderful to meet such welcoming, warm and interesting women - I loved it"
  • "Thank you so much Janey, i will keep an eye out for the next one"
  • "I enjoyed myself and the women here today. I look forward to speaking with you again. I think what you are doing is a great thing here. Feels good to be a part of it."
  • "It was lovely to get out and meet some new gals."
  • "So great to meet so many friendly, welcoming & interesting women today! You are such a lovely group of ladies. "
  • " I had a great time. I really love these catch ups  can't wait for the next one !"
  • "Enjoyed today. Thanks so much."
  • "Absolutely enjoyed it, Janey. Thank you for making it happen."
  • "I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting all the lovely ladies in this friendly and supportive group. Thank you again for including me, I will most definitely would love to attend another Meet Up."
  • " I really enjoyed myself thanks. What a great group of women! "

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Saturday Catchup Coffee - Morningside

Needs a location

$5 event fee
(Free to Real Women, Real Friends Club members)


Sunday Catchup Coffee - North Shore

Needs a location

$5 event fee
(Free to Real Women, Real Friends Club members)


[RWRF MEMBERS ONLY] Popup Lunch Catchup, North Shore

Needs a location

Real Women Real Friends Club.

[RWRF MEMBERS ONLY] Xmas Pizza @ Bethells Beach

Needs a location

Real Women, Real Friends Club

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Rosanna's Garden Bar & Eatery

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