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Hey Guys,

So if any of you are interested Tim and I and a Dacey or two are planning on going to the Festival ( (I know, it sounds a bit pretentious, but hear me out). Its going to be wicked good beer from all over the world, a few that you will never see again, which is kind of neat. Plus there is going to be mead. Mead is super cool because you can convince Tim to drink a ton of it and then he gets like super mead drunk.

The tickets are a tad steep (like 70 bucks after fees and junk), but again, its a real snazzy beer festival. We are looking to go that third session, but if any of you guys want to come up and go to more than one or a different one than us thats cool too. Since we have lost all faith in you guys paying us back for things, if you want to come just buy your own ticket.

I was wicked smart and booked 2 hotel rooms a while ago, 2 suites (no normal rooms) each with a king bed, a pull out couch, a kitchen area, bathroom I would assume.

We're going to be in Maine, does that mean we're going to go eat lobsters at some point? It sure as fuck does.

Will we be drinking after the beer thing? again, an emphatic fuck yeah.

We will work out some sort of carpooling scenario once we figure out who is going and all. And hopefully one of us can wake up earlier enough to get us back in time for frisbee on sunday (as we are a frisbee team after all).


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