What we're about

The Fro-life * Fro-choice Movement empowers and uplifts all women and men regardless of their hair preference, focusing less on what we do with our hair, and more on why we do it.

Rather than grouping ourselves absurdly as “team natural” or “team processed”, this movement uses two identifiers to help in distinguishing one’s preference of how to wear his/her hair: FroLife and FroChoice.

*FroLife* -- the principled belief that one should wear his/her hair naturally, and only naturally. This will vary based on an individual’s boundaries in defining natural hair.

*FroChoice* -- the belief that an individual should wear one’s hair as he or she chooses, whether that is straight, in braided or weaved extensions, or in a natural style.

This is an extended campaign about self-reflection and love. FLFC does not promote a single idea, instead it embraces the opinions and stories of all people, whose identities have at all been affected by hair.

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HAIRitage The Journey of Sistahs with Their Hair

The Black Lady Theatre

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